Roadmap Low Code Magic Discover the convenience and efficiency of Low Code Magic Mobile!

Simplify form management with our latest mobile application, tailored for both Android and iOS platforms. Empower your team to effortlessly handle form tasks while on the move. Benefit from our user-friendly interface and robust functionalities, ensuring seamless form submissions review and task list response.

Key Mobile App features:
  • Offline Access : Using this user can fill the form in offline mode also and once the user is back online the form filled by him will be submitted automatically.
  • Online & Offline Login : Log in feature in both online and offline mode. This feature can help the application to work swiftly even if internet is available.
  • Form Submission : Now, users have the option to search for or choose any form from the list and initiate a new form submission right within the mobile app. This boosts convenience and accessibility, enabling customers to complete and send forms at their convenience, without relying on a computer or network.
  • Task List : User can perform the task assigned to him from the mobile.

AI and ML Capabilities for Low Code Magic

Incorporating cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, Low Code Magic offers an array of powerful capabilities to enhance your development experience:

  • Intelligent Form Recognition : Automatically recognize and categorize forms based on their content using advanced AI algorithms, streamlining the form creation process.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Assistance : Integrate NLP capabilities to interpret user queries and commands, enabling a conversational interface for building and configuring applications.Sentiment Analysis can be done using NLP pre-trained language model which helps machines learn excellent representations of text with respect to the context in many natural language tasks.
  • Prompt Based Development : Empowers the users to build the application by giving prompt command only.
  • Dynamic Data Modeling : Utilize ML-powered data modeling tools to automatically infer data relationships and optimize database schema design, adapting to changing data patterns and requirements.

By integrating these AI and ML capabilities, Low Code Magic empowers developers to build sophisticated applications rapidly while leveraging the latest advancements in intelligent automation and data-driven decision-making.

Online Self Learning and Certifications Platform :

In line with our commitment to empowering developers and fostering continuous growth, Low Code Magic introduces an innovative Online Self-Learning and Certifications Platform as a core roadmap feature. This platform serves as a comprehensive hub for developers to enhance their skills, stay updated with emerging technologies, and earn certifications, all within the Low Code Magic ecosystem.

Key Components:
  • Interactive Learning Modules : Access a diverse range of interactive learning modules covering various programming languages, development frameworks, and best practices. These modules offer hands-on exercises, tutorials, and quizzes to reinforce learning and skill acquisition.
  • Curated Learning Paths : Navigate predefined learning paths tailored to specific roles, skill levels, and areas of interest. Whether you're a beginner looking to master the basics or an experienced developer aiming to specialize in advanced topics, our curated learning paths provide a structured roadmap for continuous improvement.
  • Real-world Projects and Challenges : Engage in real-world projects and coding challenges designed to simulate practical scenarios and reinforce theoretical knowledge. Collaborate with peers, receive feedback from experts, and showcase your skills by completing projects aligned with industry standards.
  • Certification Programs : Enroll in certification programs to validate your expertise and demonstrate proficiency in various technologies and domains. Our certification exams are rigorously designed to assess your capabilities and provide industry-recognized credentials that enhance your career prospects.
  • Community Interaction and Support : Connect with a vibrant community of developers, mentors, and industry professionals to exchange ideas, seek advice, and collaborate on projects. Benefit from peer-to-peer learning, networking opportunities, and access to exclusive events and webinars.
  • Personalized Learning Recommendations : Receive personalized learning recommendations based on your skills, learning preferences, and career goals. Our AI-driven recommendation engine analyzes your progress, interests, and feedback to suggest relevant courses, tutorials, and resources tailored to your needs.

Integration with Development Environment: Seamlessly integrate the Online Self-Learning and Certifications Platform with the Low Code Magic development environment. Access learning materials, track progress, and even apply acquired skills directly within the development environment, promoting continuous learning and practical application.

Free Trial:

We're thrilled to introduce the Free Trial feature as a pivotal milestone on the Low Code Magic roadmap. With this feature, we're providing developers with an opportunity to experience the full potential of our platform firsthand, without any upfront commitment. Here's what the Free Trial entails:

  • Full Access to Low Code Magic Platform : During the Free Trial period, users will enjoy unrestricted access to the entire suite of Low Code Magic tools, features, and resources. From building and deploying applications to accessing advanced integrations and support services, developers can explore the platform's capabilities comprehensively.
  • Extended Trial Duration : Unlike traditional trial periods that last for a limited time, our Free Trial offers an extended duration, allowing users ample time to familiarize themselves with the platform, experiment with different features, and assess its suitability for their projects and workflows.
  • Access to Premium Support Resources : Throughout the Free Trial period, users will have access to our premium support resources, including documentation, tutorials, and community forums. Whether you have questions about specific features or need assistance with troubleshooting, our dedicated support team is here to help.
  • Seamless Transition to Paid Plans : At the end of the Free Trial, users will have the option to seamlessly transition to one of our paid plans, tailored to their individual needs and requirements. Alternatively, if they decide that Low Code Magic isn't the right fit for them, they can simply opt out, with no strings attached.
  • Feedback and Improvement : We value the feedback of our users and continuously strive to enhance the Low Code Magic platform based on their input. Throughout the Free Trial period, users are encouraged to share their thoughts, suggestions, and feature requests, helping us shape the future of the platform.
  • Community Engagement and Resources : As part of the Free Trial experience, users will have the opportunity to engage with our vibrant community of developers, participate in webinars and events, and access exclusive resources aimed at maximizing their productivity and success with Low Code Magic.

We believe that the Free Trial feature embodies our commitment to empowering developers, fostering innovation, and democratizing access to cutting-edge development tools and technologies. Join us on this journey, and experience the magic of Low Code firsthand.